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Shameless Sex

Jan 28, 2020

The intro of the episode is about some of our favorite sex toys, as well as some awesome Valentine's Day activity and gift recommendations including as few that won't cost you a thing. 

The interview of the podcast is all about navigating non-traditional relationships including non-monogamy and anything beyond the...

Jan 24, 2020

Anthony Asanti is a Straight Male Escort providing warm, sensual professional companionship to women and couples. He is skilled in multiple healing techniques including sensual massage and Bondassage. To learn more visit

Jan 21, 2020

Sex Educator and dear friend Kristen returns to answer your sex questions about cum and oral fetishes, menstrual cups, gender-bending and lingerie fetishes, demi-sexuality, virginity, and how to be a confident lover.

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Jan 14, 2020

How does the body internalize sexual trauma and how can we heal it through pleasure? How does this apply sexual pain? And what about kink as a means for working with trauma? 

Want to skip to the interview? Fast forward to minute 19. 

About our guest: Melissa Fritchle, LMFT is a Holistic Sex Therapist & award-winning Sex...

Jan 7, 2020

In this episode we talk all about soft cocks, dry pussies, and our stance on hardness and wetness. 

We also answer a sex question about erotic text messaging and dirty talk. 

Want to fast forward to the interview? Skip to minute 22. 

About our guests: Nicoletta is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Sexologist...