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Shameless Sex

Sep 25, 2018

Recorded on stage during Brooklyn's Sex Expo, we chat with Lorrae from Slutty Girl Problems. We apologize if it sounds like we were yelling; we were right next to the Sybian sex machine, so it was a bit loud :)

Slutty Girl Problems is for the self-identified women who embrace this empowered lifestyle. They offer a...

Sep 23, 2018

Join us for a quickie interview with Kimberly from Evine - a live home shopping network based out of Minneapolis. Kimberly and the people at Evine are some of the first people to promote sex toys on live television in the US. 

Sep 18, 2018

In this episode April and Amy share their personal stories about their threesome (and sometimes foursome+) adventures. Also, a few tips on how to navigate threesomes with more grace and ease. 

Also, a sex question about how to find that third person (AKA unicorn) when introducing threesomes in a marriage. 

Sep 11, 2018

Why is it important to understand edges vs boundaries? How can they lead to hotter, more exciting sex?

Melissa Fritchle, LMFT, is a Holistic Psychotherapist, Sex therapist, a certified clinical trauma professional, a certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, and the author of The Conscious Sexual Self Workbook. She...

Sep 5, 2018

Recorded from an RV (don't mind the hum of the air-conditioning in the background) at this past week's Burning Man, Amy discusses the idea of soulmates with Lisa Nicks-Balthasar and Chris Balthasar - “Soul Purpose Success” coaches, best friends, lovers, mirror soulmates, and husband and wife. Lisa and Chris walk...