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Shameless Sex

Sep 28, 2021

How can penis-owners step into their dominant power both in and out of the bedroom (without turning into "toxic masculinity")? What are the four most impactful keys to helping folks develop their personal masculine? And what are some fun/juicy tips for listeners who want to bring more kink into the bedroom? Orpheus Black - BDSM expert and three-time leather title holder with 20+ years of experience in the Dom world answers all this and more. 

We also answer a sex question about "dirty talk". 

Want to skip to the interview? Fast forward to minute 16. 

About our guest: Orpheus Black is a Los Angeles-based public speaker, teacher, thought leader, and somatic visionary who specializes in the application of ancient wisdom in modern day settings. Orpheus aims to propel the intellectual and sensual evolution of masculinity both by challenging men to reconnect with its roots and by inviting them to embrace manhood in its fullness. In this role, he shares insights, offers tools, and speaks against societal norms of shame and repression. Orpheus regularly provides guided lessons at world famous staples in the S&M community and he has been recognized by news resources like, Playboy, Marie Clair, and Ebony. To learn more visit

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