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Shameless Sex

Feb 9, 2019

Special announcement about our myth and shame busting campaign on Instagram!

We are running a V-day contest + female sexuality myth and shame busting campaign - inspired by Wednesday Martin 's groundbreaking book UNTRUE: Why Nearly Everything We Believe About Women, Lust, and Adultery is Wrong and How the New Science Can Set Us Free. Are you ready to join the Shameless Sex Revolution? 
Prizes include complete access to our online Wild Woman Sex workshop, a copy of Untrue by Wednesday Martin, and a GRAND PRIZE of all of the above + a Rabbit Vibrator + full access to OMGyes + bottle of Uberlube + a Solo by Hot Octopus + a 12 Sexy Days kit by Bijoux Indiscrets - a total value of over $1000!
How to enter: 1. Take a selfie like the one above, 2. Either post it on your own Instagram profile with a caption similar to April's vulnerable share at the end of this post (describing this part of you, what it teaches/inspires in you, etc) + tag @shamelesssex in the post, OR send it to us and we will post it on our Instagram while keeping your name/info completely anonymous (we promise!), 3. You will be entered into the raffle! Note: To keep it uniform, please write in black sharpie on white letterhead paper. 
Ideas for what to post should it truly speak to you (but feel free to create your own): 
I’d rather be in the workplace than at home with the baby
I love (and am attracted to) my (husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/partner) but I don’t (crave/desire) sex with them
I had an affair 

I'm married/in a committed relationship and I fantasize about other men/women 

I have a high libido 

I'm in a relationship (with a man/woman/insert other here) and I also love (desire/crave) sex with women (other men/people)

I choose non-monogamy...and I love it (or Monogamy is not for me)
I like having sex outside of my marriage/partnership
Feeling desired by other (men/women/people) > The same arousing touch from my (husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/partner) 
I am a woman and I'm not interested in marriage and/or having children 
Join us as we break down the myths and out the diversity of female sexuality!