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Shameless Sex

Jan 19, 2021

Beloved friend and repeat guest, Lisa Nicks-Balthasar, returns to tell us her story about finding and losing her soulmate, resulting in a profound journey of deep heartbreak, grief and betrayal, as well as the lessons and tools she used to heal, keep her heart open, and find profound love (and another soulmate!) once more. Her dear partner, Chris, also shares his experience supporting Lisa's journey as she grieves her past husband while simultaneously opening up her heart again. Be prepared to feel some feels :)

Want to fast forward to the interview? Skip to minute 18. 

About our guest: Lisa Nicks-Balthasar is an inspirational speaker, author and teacher. Her memoir, Believe! which follows her amazing odyssey through deep loss, grief, love and life, has attracted the support of  award-nominated screenplay writer Scott Marshall Smith ("Men of Honor”). Scott describes her “Tragic meets Magic” story as “A gossamer web of small, yet profound miracles that add up to something much more wondrous than their sum." He adds that, “Lisa’s powerful story is filled with magical movie moments!"

Lisa’s passion for writing began over a decade ago when she began writing after losing her high-school sweetheart, husband, and soul mate of 27 years to brain cancer. A survivor at heart, she processed her pain by putting pen to paper. 

Lisa has inspired people from all over the world to "Believe!" in love and the power of positive affirmations while manifesting the life of their dreams. Her miraculous story has inspired students to tap into the power that lies within. The methodologies she teaches tie together with a lifetime of lived wisdom and what she has learned from working with people through individual coaching, group coaching, and multiple retreats. Her work teaches the proven power of positive affirmations and manifesting through the heart, the body’s greatest neurotransmitter.  

Through her coaching, Lisa has helped people find love and deeper intimacy in their lives, and throughout her coaching it has become clear that so many of us feel like the human experience is wrought with hardship and loss. “There is so much in life we cannot control – but we CAN control the way we channel our suffering into our growth.” Lisa’s inspirational memoir, Believe! supports this idea through its powerful story. 

Lisa is the President and founder of Believe! International, Inc., a non-profit organization that helps promote the powerful messages and methodologies behind “Believe!” Lisa created Believe! International’s flagship project, the Heart of Manifestation workshop and retreats, with her partner, author Cher Slatter-Barlevi (Dog of God) to feed her passion for teaching positive principles of loving awareness. The retreats are designed to help individuals open their minds and hearts to a higher consciousness and manifest their desires. She is also the founder of Sacred Soulmates, heart-centered coaching and exotic vacation retreats for couples and singles calling for a deeper, more intimate and passionate soul connection.

Lisa has a second book conceived, based on the highly successful, life-changing Heart of Manifestation retreats, workshops, and inspirational teachings. Her inspirational story is being developed as a 2021 TEDx talk called, “Are you really Open to Love.” Lisa has been featured on various podcasts, YoniVerse Monologues  and at conferences as an expert in love, intimacy, and rebirth.

Lisa is also an entrepreneur, designer, large-scale event producer, and co-owner of Turn Around Interiors, a design and home staging company. In addition to her designing talents, she is an avid athlete and has been a personal fitness trainer for over three decades. She has competed in the Big Sur Marathon and Triathlons. 

Finding an amazing love once again, in a serendipitous and magical way, Lisa makes her home with her husband, Chris, in the sunny beach town of Santa Cruz, California. She loves every free moment she can spend with her family, friends, two wonderful daughters, two step-children, and two adorable granddaughters! Her passion and purpose in life is to educate and inspire humanity through sharing her magical story of love, hope, and miracles. To learn more or to buy her book visit

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