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Shameless Sex

Apr 9, 2019

This episode features Amy’s beloved therapist, teacher, guide and mentor, Dr. Nicola Amadora. We talk all about relationship – with the self and with others – and tools for deeper, more profound connection. Nicola teaches us how to break through our protective walls as a means of tapping into more LOVE and ALIVENESS, including “getting naked without taking our cloths off”. And we talk about how it all translates to juicy sex ;)

We also answer the sex question: My partner put on weight and I’m not very attracted to him these days. How can I improve my feelings for him?

Dr. Nicola Amadora is an accomplished leader, therapist, speaker, writer and spiritual teacher. Her passion and gift is to support people to live, lead and relate with presence, connection and wholeheartedness in the world. For 30 years she has worked both in Europe and the USA with organizations, communities, groups, families, couples and individuals. In all her work, Dr. Amadora offers a rich banquet of life experience, high-level professional expertise, a deep well of wisdom and great heart to contribute to positive change in people and our world. Nicola is known for her integrity with a fierce, tender love for all beings.

Nicola Amadora, Ph.D. holds University degrees in Transpersonal Psychology (JFK and IPS) and Clinical Social Work (FHS). She is a certified Hakomi Therapist (Hakomi Institute) , certified Dharma Leader (Vipassana Center, Spirit Rock), Mindfulness Teacher (Mindfulness Program Jon Kabat Zinn), Certified Meditation Teacher (Yogananda Center), , Universal Peacedance Leader (Sufi Order), Diplom Horseriding Therapist (Swize Equine Therapy Center), Rev. Interfaith Minister (New York Seminary), Mediator (JFK University), Parent Leader (Parentleadership Institute), Non Violent Communication& Conflict Resolution (NVC Center), Women Wisdom& Empowerment, Leadership and Relationship Trainer (International Education). To learn more visit

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