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Shameless Sex

Sep 16, 2019

Within the world of sexual health tech, Dominnique is personally dedicated about changing the narrative surrounding parenting and sex. From helping parents rediscover themselves and their desires, to advocating for more direct empowering conversations with kids than “the birds and the bees,” Dominnique is on a mission to improve sex talk at all ages.

More about Dominnique: Dominnique Karetsos is MysteryVibe's resident sex expert. Before joining MysteryVibe, Dominnique led groundbreaking teams in the sexuality space such as Lelo - Intimina, Get Luwi, Elara.Care, and is founder of  Healthy Pleasure Collective. Coupled with her ongoing work as a BBC radio host and once upon a time host of her own podcast Hotmilk - The Guilty Parent Podcast back in 2015, Dominnique has used her voice over the past decade to disrupt one of the world's most taboo industries.