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Shameless Sex

Sep 25, 2018

Recorded on stage during Brooklyn's Sex Expo, we chat with Lorrae from Slutty Girl Problems. We apologize if it sounds like we were yelling; we were right next to the Sybian sex machine, so it was a bit loud :)

Slutty Girl Problems is for the self-identified women who embrace this empowered lifestyle. They offer a sex-positive, feminist, judgement-free zone with daily content to entertain, educate, and empower women around in all aspects of their lives.

What is a slut, you might ask? A slut is empowered in her sexuality. She is confident, in control, and doesn’t let anyone define her or her sexuality. She defines herself, and makes choices that are right for her.

Many people use the term “slut” to break women down and shame them for their natural sexuality. The folks at Slutty Girl Problems boldly reclaim this derogatory word as an empowering, sex-positive term – free from society’s shame and judgement.

Being a slut isn’t about sleeping with everyone, or anyone at all. It’s about having the choice to express your sexuality however you want to, and being empowered to act on it if you choose.

Slutty Girl Problems believes that all safe, sane, consensual sexual choices should be not only respected, but celebrated as a natural, pleasurable part of life. There is nothing wrong with having sex. Your pleasure is important, and sexuality does not determine your morality or worth.