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Shameless Sex

May 8, 2018

We get 2-3 sex questions/day, AND WE LOVE IT! The only thing is it often takes us one month + to answer them on the air/Shameless Sex's FaceBook Live. Enter Juicebox, a quick, easy, and affordable sex and relationship when you need it. And guess what? We are now on the app as well. Tune in to learn more. We also share some creative ways to work with low libido.

About Juicebox: Juicebox is an iPhone app that pairs you with professional sex and relationship coaches from a network of certified and vetted experts. With an easy (and anonymous) messaging platform and scalable technology, Juicebox is making sex and relationship coaching affordable and accessible to everyone. Use code SHAMELESS for 60% off your first week!

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Magic Wand

Atom Cock Ring

Use code SHAMLESSPP at for 15% off