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Shameless Sex

Jan 2, 2018

Wow, this episode BLEW our minds! We've always heard about kegels for a stronger pelvic floor, but in this episode Pelvic Floor Specialist Dr. Sara Tanza teaches us about the different structures of the pelvic floor, and the myth behind tightness. 

This episode is for everyone with a pelvic floor, AKA folks of all sexes and genders. Prepare to have your mind blown!

Dr. Sara Tanza received her Bachelor of Science in Bio-Psychology from UC Santa Barbara and her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from UC San Francisco in 2011. After completing a year-long residency in Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) at Kaiser Vallejo, she specialized in the care of patients with spinal cord injury, stroke, brain injury and other neurological conditions on their acute neurological rehabilitation unit.

Dr. Tanza is a Certified Functional Manual Therapist and utilizes this approach, PNF and other approaches during her treatments. She firmly agrees with PNF founder Maggie Knott when she says “every human being has unlimited, untapped potential.” Dr. Tanza is also a pelvic floor specialist and has received special training to integrate her many therapy skills into pelvic floor therapy treatments. 

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