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Shameless Sex

Jun 8, 2021

What does it mean to be transgender and non-binary? What are some of the current issues trans and non-binary folks are facing? And what are some tips for folks who are considering (or are already) transitioning? 

About our guest:

Looking at Rae now, you’d never guess that they used to travel with their fundamentalist Southern Baptist parents doing missionary puppet shows.

It wasn’t until Rae went to college at a small conservative school in Texas that they embraced what they’d always known deep down -- they’d never fit into the box expected of them by their parents. As Rae watched their friends attempt to navigate their emerging sexuality and identity in such an oppressive environment, they realized they wanted to spend their life helping LGBTQ folks live their best, most authentic life.

Not long after undergrad, Rae came out as queer. While their family was unsupportive, Rae finally felt free. You see, their whole life, they felt like they were wearing a shoe that was one size too small. Embracing their identity as a transgender, non-binary person felt like finally putting on the right size shoe and being able to not just walk but run.

But Rae didn’t stop there -- they created GenderFck: The Club so other transgender and non-binary people could feel that same freedom. As someone who grew up in the south, they know what it's like to not feel accepted by those around you and to not have the resources that folks in larger, urban communities do. Rae wanted to create something that made high-value support, information, and community available to those who may not normally have access to it. To learn more visit

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