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Shameless Sex

Jan 12, 2021

Allison Moon, repeat guest and author of the new book Getting It: A Guide to Hot, Healthy Hookups and Shame-free Sex joins to to talk about casual sex and hook-ups. We discuss everything from how folks can navigate hook-ups in a way that feels really good for them, ways to be better flirts, as well as some of the signs that it's time to end the relationship, plus tips for how to navigate those difficult conversations. 

We also answer a sex question: I want to have sex with someone who is bigger than my last boyfriend. Is there anything I can do to “prepare” to have sex again in case it’s painful? 

About our guest: Allison is a sex educator and author of the award winning, critically-acclaimed sex-ed book, Girl Sex 101, the Tales of the Pack series of novels about lesbian werewolves, the sexual memoir, Bad Dyke, as well as her latest release, Getting It: A Guide to Hot, Healthy Hookups and Shame-free Sex. As a sex educator, Allison has presented her workshops to thousands of people around the US and Canada. To learn more or to buy her book go to


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