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Shameless Sex

Sep 29, 2020

Why do people experience jealousy? How can they manage it in both monogamy and non-monogamous relationships? And how can folks keep the fire alive in long term relationships? 

Want to skip to the interview? Fast forward to minute 14. 

About our guest: Kitty Chambliss is a #1 Amazon Best Selling author of Jealousy Survival Guide: How to feel safe, happy, and secure in an open relationship. She is also a relationship coach, keynote speaker, polyamorous and sex-positive activist, and founder of Loving Without Boundaries (LWB) - specializing in helping people in non-traditional relationships navigate the challenging emotions that often arise in such dynamics. Kitty has made it her life’s mission to make thriving relationships – even unconventional ones – attainable to everyone. She is also the host of the Loving Without Boundaries podcast - available on all of the apps. To learn more visit

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