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Shameless Sex

Oct 3, 2017

Well this was a fun one! In this episode featuring Tantric healer, Alika Medeiros, we discuss men's sexuality - specifically how men can tap into their hearts and power center as a means of showing up as a GREAT lover. Oh, and did we mention he's also really really ridiculously good looking? :) 

About Alika: Alika is a shaman specialized in sexual healing and somatic therapy. He is also a yogi and relationship coach. Alika has studied multiple disciplines such as: Hakomi, Bodynamics, Kriya yoga, Chi gong, Wing Chang, body work and Tantra. He is devoted to the empowerment of men and women, and teaches workshops on Erotic Aliveness, with his partner Jayya. These courses are experiential and challenging, as well as supportive.

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