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Shameless Sex

Jun 23, 2020

Mr Kristofer and Amp of the Watts the Safeword Podcast join us to talk about various aspects of kink including what it means to be a Daddy, puppy play, urethral sounding, and more!

We also answer a sex question about a fur coat fetish. 

Want to skip to the interview? Fast forward to minute 15.

About our guests: Mr Kristofer and Amp are both sex positive educators who create kinky content under the brand Watts The Safeword. A sex positive youtube channel and matching podcast that destigmatizes and educates on all things kinky. Mr. Kristofer has been in the BDSM Community for over 30 years and considers himself “Guard Classic.” He has directed gay male porn for the last 30 years for Falcon and COLT.  Where Amp is a blogger, sex worker, activist and producer of "Watts The Safeword," a sex education channel with a few kinks. With his background as a sex educator and sex worker he, along with guests of all abilities, backgrounds, experiences and kinky lifestyles, destigmatize topics on sex and other LGBTQ+ issues. To learn more visit


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