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Shameless Sex

May 22, 2020

Why is communication in relationships challenging for so many folks? And what are the 7 guidelines for great relationships?

Want to skip to the interview? Fast forward to minute 12. 

About our guest: Dr. Rhoda Lipscomb is a Sexuality Coach, Certified Sex Therapist and Clinical Sexologist with a PhD in clinical sexology. She is an author, teacher, public speaker and has been working with individuals and couples in the area of human sexuality for over 28 years. She has been the guest expert on numerous podcasts, teaches in a sex therapy certification program and speaks on areas of alternative sexuality.

She specializes in the alternative sexuality communities, such as open relationships (polyamory, swinging, designer relationships), GLBTQ, BDSM, ABDL, kink and fetishes. Her approach to therapy is helping people to understand, accept and appreciate their sexuality with all its unique flavors.

In 2017 she published her first book, No More Hiding: Permission to love your sexual self. It is an innovative guide to help people navigate the world of BDSM, kinks, fetishes and open relationships such as swinging and polyamory.

In 2019 she launched an online educational/coaching program to teach people how to be successful when transitioning to open relationships called: Monogamy to Open.

To find more information, contact her at her website:, email at


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