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Shameless Sex

May 15, 2020

Poet and educator Rae Monet tells us her top tips on how to give head while staying in your power, plus she shares some of her erotic poetry. 

About our guest: PoetRaeMonet, a DC native, uses erotic poetry to combat the serious lack of sexual education in America. She began writing in childhood and has gone on to publish 5 books and 2 journals; including 'The Birds, the Bees, and the Boudoir,' which she'll be reading from later tonight. She is a hard-worker, who has developed hand-made candles, accessories, and paintings to complement her books, creating a full-sensory experience for those looking to immerse themselves in sensuality. Her next book, Expose your Inner DIVA, a sexual self-help workbook, will be released later this year. To learn more or to buy Rae's awesome erotic poetry visit