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Shameless Sex

Dec 31, 2019

Tune in as we learn all about Knot Love with Edward Willey. Knot Love isn’t just about rope tying techniques. It’s about learning how to stay deeply connected to your partner, read their desires and needs, and build a scene together that cultivates trust, passion, and connection. It’s also about learning how to cultivate and embody relaxation, confidence, and awareness inside yourself.

We also answer a sex question about sex and penis size after bladder surgery.

Want to skip to the interview? Fast forward to minute 27.

About our guest: Edward Willey has been teaching erotic rope play since 2014 and has loved knots since he was a Boy Scout. He combines his passion for rope with his long-time practice of Aikido and Sheng Zhen. His experience with these two arts of unconditional love provides a foundation for teaching how to develop open-hearted connection and awareness along with technical rope tying skills. He believes that in addition to the commonly used Japanese terms shibari (“to tie”) & kinbaku (“to bind tightly”), the word musubi is important in rope play. Musubi means to unite or bind together. Learning to connect with rope in this way can bring a new level of joy, intimacy, and understanding to your relationship by tying your hearts together with love.

He is available for private coaching sessions to cultivate love and intimacy using rope at  Sign up for his mailing list for a free 18-minute video showcasing his unique approach:

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