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Shameless Sex

Dec 17, 2019

The meat of this episode is about how shy men can learn to flirt, attract and date women. It's a bit different for us as we aren't fans of big generalizations or hetero-normative language, but we decided to switch it up as our guest truly does have some great tips to offer. 

The intro of this episode is a long one as we talk about relationships as well as the exciting (and sometimes terrifying) process of falling in love. We also answer a sex question: Is deleting cheating? 

Want to skip to the interview? Fast forward to minute 33. 

About our guest: Tripp Kramer is an international dating coach for men. He created his "TED system" to help shy men confidently attract the women they desire. In his earlier years he was a shy guy who figured out through trial and error how to get better and meeting, dating and finding the right type of woman for you. He currently has a popular podcast on iTunes called "How To Talk To Girls" and has a book called Magnetic which teaches all his secrets on dating and attraction. To learn more visit

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