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Shameless Sex

Aug 20, 2019

Nurse Practitioner Remy Paille joins us for a very important episode on STI's (sexually transmitted infections, formerly known as sexual transmitted diseases). She also helps us answer a few sex questions including:

How do I talk to partners about my STD status? And what do I do if prospective partners have a STD?

I have a hard time trusting partners when they tell me their STI status. Should I ask every one of them to get tested?

I gained a lot of weight on the IUD. What can I do about this? And are there any nonhormonal birth controls that work well aside from the IUD?

My orgasms changed with I switched birth controls. Is this common?And what can I do about this?

Also addendum from Remy in regards to one of her answers to a sex question: 

"Testosterone revs our sexy engine up. It can be boosted by getting enough sleep, supplementing with vitamin D if our levels are below 50 ng/dL, supplementing with Zinc (oysters, my favorite;-), B complex vitamins as well the Indian herb, ashwaganda. 

Too much testosterone can give us facial hair, a deep voice, and other masculine characteristics as well as lead to something called polycystic ovarian disease or PCOS so we want the right balance.
Estrogen helps us feel juicy, voluptuous and divinely feminine. An excess of estrogen can occur when we get toxic amounts of estrogen products into our bodies from the environment (plastics—> BPA, phthalates, parabens)
When our liver is not functioning effectively , it’s not able to process excess estrogen so it often recirculates causing headaches, tender breasts and crabby moods as well a increasing our risk of breast cancer.  One way to rid your body of excess estrogen is to poop it out- every day at least one big healthy one, however you get there. Fiber and magnesium can help. 
Progesterone helps us feel calm, safe and relaxed , which definitely helps when you want to get it on. Synthetic progesterone found in contraceptives is a different chemical that can trigger anxiety and depressed mood in some women (not all) the opposite kind of mood you want when you want to really let go into orgasmic bliss. 
What’s a girl to do? While we don’t have a ton of options in terms of our contraception, we do have options about what other things we put into and onto our bodies. These can make a difference". 

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