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Shameless Sex

Apr 30, 2019

How can mamas reclaim their sensuality after kids? How can busy mamas (or all people) invite pleasure into their daily lives - in and out of the bedroom? And how can couples reignite the fire in long-term relationships? 

Also, guess who's now single? Tune in to learn more!

About our guest: Dana B. Myers is an award-winning product developer, entrepreneur, author, and media personality. 

As Founder of Booty Parlor, Dana has changed the lives of thousands of women by inspiring them to boost their sensual self-confidence and create sexier, more satisfying relationships.

Known for her frank yet empowering style, Dana helps her clients reclaim the power of their sensuality and sexual satisfaction through her coaching practice and live workshops. Her advice, and Booty Parlor’s products, have been featured by Marie ClaireWomen’s HealthParentsRedbookNylonAllure, and the Wall Street Journal. Dana has appeared on ABC NightlineGood Morning AmericaAccess Hollywood LiveThe Wendy Williams Show, and more.

Her most recent book, The Mommy Mojo Makeover: 28 Tools to Rediscover Yourself and Reignite Your Relationship, was published in 2018 by VivaEditions. To learn more visit

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